Essential Competence for IT Professionals

A three day comprehensive workshop focussing on the essential competencies that are crucial for an Information Technology professional to be successful within any organisation. Participants get acquainted about the following three key knowledge areas and how they in an integrated manner form the core of an IT environment within an Organisation.

                Project Management - Information SecurityIT Service Management

Depending upon the nature of the business, IT Services can either be an enabler or help improve business services by being an integral part of the business process. When IT is tightly integrated with the business processes i.e. IT-enabled services, the dependence on IT is high and a downtime of IT services results in a business downtime. Moreover the ability of the IT team to respond to business changes has a direct          correlation to the organization's ability to grow. Hence the quality of IT is critical as it impacts the efficiency and availability of business services. The IT capability is fast becoming the key strategic differentiator for any company in the market

How this workshop benefits you?

For a company with Internal IT Team:

  • Provides relevant knowledge to your IT professionals and helps them to acquire the right attitude towards planning, provisioning and managing the IT services in alignment with the business and its needs.
  • Helps identify the key competencies required to manage internal and external customers of IT and   improve IT agility.
  • Showcases a framework to develop business aligned IT Services with appropriate focus on ICT  Readiness for Business Continuity (IRBC) and Information Security.
  • Provides a holistic approach to the key process disciplines that are core to an IT environment.

For Managed IT Services Provider:

Apart from the benefits mentioned above which are fundamental and core, for a Managed IT Services Provider this workshop also helps in the following key areas:

  • How to appraise a customer's IT Landscape and prepare a transition plan towards managed services?
  • How to plan a risk assessment framework and manage risk prior to and after the transition?
  • What are the key competencies required during the operational phase of the managed services?
  • How to improve operations maturity on a continual basis?

For the IT Professional:

  • Provides relevant knowledge on the key process disciplines mentioned above.
  • Helps participants to easily identify and associate mandated work processes in their career environment which makes them productive and confident.
  • Highlights the importance of Information security and how it interfaces with other process disciplines.
  • Identifies potentially viable alternate career paths within Information Technology landscape and helps participants to envision their career growth paths with clarity.
  • Learn to become Effective and Efficient in the career as well as their personal life.

The workshop correlates concepts with day-to-day examples and engages participants interactively to ensure that their perception towards these topics are positively influenced and makes them correlate what they do in their real world to industry best practise regime.

This workshop can be delivered as an in-house session to IT staff of :
    1. Medium and large enterprises with internal IT Department
    2. Companies providing IT services using Shared Services  / Remote Infrastructure Management Services
Suresh Vijayaraghavan,
25 Aug 2013, 00:44