EXCITE - Excellence in IT Environment

· Proficient use of Information Technology is key to business success  - in some cases critical to business survival.

· Companies that do not realise the connection between the business priorities and their IT capabilities will lose the competitive advantage.

· IT Leadership apart from efficiently manage application and infrastructure Service Delivery,  must also ensure business continuity by ensuring IT Service Continuity.

· How do we ensure that the IT architecture evolves facing environmental changes both at business and technology level.

Enhancing IT Operations Maturity is therefore crucial to elevate the IT team to become 

Service Aligned Business Partners.

 Our Consulting engagement EXCITE—Excellence in IT Environment, will enable your IT organization to adopt global best practices  in IT Operations Management.

Key Features of the Program

· Help to build the IT Process environment around key capability areas – IT Service Management (ITSM), Information Security and Project Management.

· Develop the IT Services Landscape correlating business processes and the underlying IT infrastructure components providing the needed IT Services.

· Create IT Risk Management framework and perform risk analysis and mitigation plans.

· Help to develop the appropriate IT architecture – identify existing weaknesses using risk  management framework.

· Assist in ICT Readiness for Business Continuity  (IRBC) planning to ensure continued or high availability of IT which is critical to the survival of the business as a whole.

· Periodic assessment of Process effectiveness and efficiency and supervising the testing of IT Service Continuity Management activities on a periodic basis— if needed on a retainer ship model.

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Suresh Vijayaraghavan,
14 Jan 2015, 05:14