ELITE - Enable Leveraging of IT Environment

· Proficient use of Information Technology is key to business success  - in some cases critical to business survival.

· How to use Information Technology to enable strategies that enhance the Critical Success Factors or Core Competencies or both?

· How an organisation can exploit IT capabilities on a continuous basis?

· The Business environment today needs Knowledge Workers who require a collaborative work environment to leverage their capabilities.

· Achieving IT Operational Excellence is critical to reduce the risks due to automation.

IT Managers need both Business and Leadership skills along with technical acumen. They must have a good grasp of Organisation’s Strategy and Operations as other senior Executives.

 Our Consulting engagement ELITE—Enable Leveraging of the IT Environment, will enable your organization to effectively align Business and IT Strategies

Key Features of the Program

· Develop a Business Aligned IT Strategy resulting in a Strategic IT Blueprint.

· Project Planning for reaching the TO BE State as envisaged in the Strategic IT Blueprint.

· Improving the maturity of the IT Process environment within the context of the business need.

· Develop IT Budgeting Process along with Program Management

· Institutionalise Ongoing Strategic Change Management for IT as the business evolves

· Help in developing a Business Continuity Plan (BCP).

· Build a framework for Vendor Management

· Plan the Organisational Development for IT staff.

· Company wide ISMS initiative (if required based on agreed Scope)

· Plus all activities as listed  in our EXCITE—Excellence in IT Environment program (see program brochure for more details on EXCITE).

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Suresh Vijayaraghavan,
14 Jan 2015, 05:13